Fighters update

Fighters update for the week!

Tonight, Ben Mason Gallagher defeats UFC, Cage Rage (Champion), & MMA veteran Che Mills on points – giving him 3 eight counts – in his first A class bout on Rise of the Machines! Raising his record to an incredible 10-0-0! He will be a problem for anyone in the country at 86kg.

Last week, Jonno Chipchase won via. KO in round 2 of his comeback fight on Roar Combat League.

& Matthew Park lost via. TKO in the 3rd round of his first N class fight tonight, after dominating early but getting caught with a nice punch and then pressured, forcing the referee to stop the fight. Well done to Matthew, & his opponent!

Here at MFA, we rise and fall as a team. We win, or lose as a team. But we *always* learn! This year, with more hard work and dedication; I believe we will be doing a lot more of the former! More fight announcements coming soon. Stay tuned.


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