Nuffield Classes, White Collar, & Competition Updates

Nuffield classes in Didsbury

In Didsbury? Want to get fit? Learn self-defence?

Or maybe you’re simply interested in learning a Martial Art?

Well, MFA, recently rated as one of the top 7 Muay Thai gyms in Manchester, will be holding classes at Nuffield Health, Fitness and Well-being centre in Didsbury … these will start Saturday, March the 30th at 5pm… and will be scheduled every Saturday at this time from then on. We hope to see you there!

White collar events coming up

MFA will be giving an opportunity to determined beginners who wish to feel the thrill of competition – for a charitable cause – the ability to fulfil that goal. To be an every day superhero. Both with white collar boxing and Muay Thai…

If you’re interested in this… let us know via the contact form. The full times and dates will be released shortly!

Competition team updates

U.K. #6 Jonno Chipchase, Mikey Chipchase and Benjamin Mason-Gallagher will be the next three fighter’s competing for MFA.

Both Mikey and Jonno’s fight will be at the highest level as always, and Ben is aiming to continue his unbeaten run, and also bag a British title in the process!

If you’d like to come and watch, please let either John or Jonno know, or drop us an email in the contact form. This is the level at MFA! Which was put concisely by a coach from Predators MMA recently…

MFA – no nonsense

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